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Graduated from Osaka College of Music Department of InstrumentalMusic, piano major.
Completed the piano forum at the Royal Conservatory of Norway.
Received a scholarship from the Japan Norway Association and I studied in Norway.
I studied under Mr. Einar Henning Smebye, Liv Graser, Walter Hautzig, Kobayashi Hitoshi, Kataoka Midori.


  • All Nippon Student Music Competition Winner for Elementary, Junior High School, and High School divisions.
  • Participated in international piano duo competition
  • Won Second place in the Osaka International Music Competition Piano duo category
  • Won highest prize in theJapan Ensemble Competition Piano duo category
  • Highest prize in 21st century piano competition duo category
  • Ibra Grand Prize (Italy) Third place winner
  • Received the Best Leaders Award at the Mainichi Children's Competition

Other achievements

  • Solo recitals in the US, New Zealand, Norway and Japan (participation in the Osaka Art Festival / Osaka Cultural Festival).
  • Participated in overseas music festivals (Participating articles posted in Musicanova),
  • Played with orchestras including Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra .
  • Performed with the invited chamber music groups from, and appeared in numerous concerts. Currently Iperform in solo and ensemble performances, as well as with my elder brother who plays cello. Yasushi. Sakai, played in numerous concerts.
  • Also teaching at the Kansai Conservatory.
  • Kishiwada Cultural Association Director
  • Member of Japan Federation of Musicians,
  • Member of Piano Teachers National Association of Japan
  • Member of Japan Norway Musician Association
  • Member of Japan Music Education Association
  • Judge for Mainichi Children's contest Osaka International Music Competition, Aoniyoshi Music Competition Jury.


  • ワルタ・ハウチッヒ氏・バン・クライバーン氏
  • リサイタル(いずみホールにて)
  • リサイタル(いずみホールにて)
  • セルバンテス堺多恵先生
  • セルバンテス堺多恵先生
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